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Complications Varicose

Venous complications

* Varicose phlebitis

Thrombophlebitis is identical to that of the trunks deep, almost always benign, but with frequent relapses. The extent of deep vein thrombosis is rare but possible, with the consequent risk. Presents with pain, heat, induration of venous leg, which takes on a reddish color, and loss of function variable. It should recommend relative rest, elastic containment, NSAIDs and anticoagulants (local-porvía subcutaneous heparin). In case of deep phlebitis is indicated:

- Heparin intravenously in a hospital environment, with electric syringe;

- Flebocavografía before and after treatment.

* Venous Rupture

- Broken external venous

A minor trauma can cause considerable bleeding sometimes. It raises the member, thereby stopping the bleeding, then applying a pressure bandage.

- Broken internal venous

Almost always it is a muscle tear or perforator vein thrombosis (in which case the treatment is that of thrombophlebitis). The hematoma and loss of function are installed immediately.

Dermatological Complications

The cause of skin complications is venous stasis.

* Dermatitis

"Infectious Dermatitis


Antipruritic used through general and local treatment with disinfectants to prevent superinfection, and application of creams or gels on the basis of non-fluorinated steroids.

In chronic eczema, the lesions are dried and there is a lichenification of the skin and thickens it.

* The capillaritis

- Purple spots.

- Necrotizing capillaritis and trombosantes, almost always accompanied by pigmentation, stasis dermatitis normally.

- Milian's white atrophy.

* Dermohipodérmica sclerosis

It is the sign that announces the ulcer. Badge smooth, hard, impossible to mobilize and adheres to the deeper layers.

* The ulcer

Loss of skin substance torpid and often recurrent. It is developed especially in the lower third of the leg, both on the inside as well as external, often near the malleoli.

Have a poor prognosis for healing ulcers with gray background and deep edges, eversion and unstressed. Ulcers can overinfected: the background color is greenish yellow. Superinfection of ulcers slows the healing process, so that in the treatment of ulcers have to look constantly cleaning and infection control to achieve granulation and subsequently epidermización ulcer.