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1. Medical Treatment
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... from 8 to 1O cm wide respectively and for those of 1O cm thigh and especially those of 12 cm. The mechanism of action: -Decrease in vessel diameter, with a significant reduction in reflux and the venous ...
2. Complications Varicose
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Venous complications * Varicose phlebitis Thrombophlebitis is identical to that of the trunks deep, almost always benign, but with frequent relapses. The extent of deep vein thrombosis is rare ...
3. Types of Varicose Veins
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... secondary: * Postphlebitic Varices The aftermath left deep thrombosis, varicose dilation to remain superficial network and valvular insufficiency, even with the deep venous trunks and repermeabilizados. ...
4. Venous Physiology
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Mechanisms of venous return in orthostatic or supine a) The "vis a tergo" This is what remains of the propulsive force of left ventricular systolic, after having passed through the damping of ...
5. Historical background
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Venous diseases have been known since ancient times, as shown by Greek vases with images of compressive bandages. Even in earlier times in the Ebers Papyrus (1550 BC) describes therapeutic techniques. ...
6. Sclerosing treatment
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Sclerosing Treatment of Varicose Veins Varicose veins are veins, some shallow, others deep, protracted and tortuous appearance, formed by a malfunction of the valves of the veins or venous hypertension. ...
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